Sunday’s are festive around the restaurant. For some reason, whole families come out to eat here. It’s the same menu. Maybe the food, really is good.
Also, we open the bar section after hours for jazz on Sunday nights. The guys in the band are called the Three J’s Quartet, a nod to my days in the spy business though they have no idea what I’m talking about.
Lady Kay met me at the door. She was on her way to The Ogunquit Playhouse. She had been very busy this season having had parts in both Strategy the Musical and Only in America. This time she had a lead role as Lucy’s mom in the musical version of The Family Way. The Playhouse is a regional theater still producing live musicals and one of the last remaining theatres from the old Straw-Hat Circuit, also referred to as Summer Stock.
I took part in a ferocious game of Badminton with Francoise’s Niece Sophie. A beautiful girl who somehow turned seventeen even though it seems like she was just 11. She’s been trying her best to beat me. Every time she gets better and better. It’s only a matter of time before she does.
She was determined, even though she knows I was the Badminton Champion of the Airforce Academy two years in a row. The game was tight; her own direction was not to go easy on her. After the game, clearly frustrated she through her rack in the air and stormed off the court. She snatched a bottle of beer from the nearby cooler and downed it. I gave her a fixed stare.
“What?” She tossed the empty bottle in the recycle bin. “I’m allowed.” She picked up her racquet and when to go inside.
I picked up her birdie and called out to her. “You forgot her shuttlecock.” I tossed it to her and she caught it.
“Next time we’ll have to play with yours,” She winked and sashayed through the doorway.
“Go to jail, go directly to jail, to not pass go, do not collect 200.00 dollars and you lose a turn.”
That evening in the restaurant this stunning brunette walked in and somehow, I knew she was trouble. She was accompanied by a well-dressed man who looked directly at me and pointed. The woman saw me, and He stood in front of her and they argued for a moment. The guy turned and looked at me again. I heard him say something like “are you sure?” The next moment he came over to me with an apologetic look on his face.
“My name is Carlos. This is Anetta, international fashion model.” He said pointing toward her, “I’m know we don’t have reservations for this evening, but she wants to know if you can somehow fit her in.”
Being nosey Maria immediately informed me we were booked up. Then I remembered the band’s table. “I got a spot if you don’t mind sitting with the band next to the stage?”
He quickly went to her and returned stating she was more than happy to sit there. The Slim and sexy 5’5″ brunette stunner was wearing a Super-sexy ribbed dress with a plunge neck and strappy open back. Every mouth in the place dropped open. When she made it to the band’s table they all stood for her as she took her seat.
Upon greeting her she was giddy almost overjoyed to meet me. The staff looked on stunned and I was genuinely embarrassed by this beautiful woman’s interest in me.
“You sure it’s okay if we shared your table?”
“I’m happy to have you.” I Don’t think that came out, right?
Carlos came over to me and went to hand me an envelope, but I waved his hand away. HECK I should be paying him, he shrugged and sat at the bar. I signaled Maria to give him drinks on the house and she frowned at me, bless her heart.

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