“Daniel and I were schoolmates when we were your age.” Anetta found that fascinating.
“Were you two boyfriend and girlfriend?”
“I tried.”
“Oh, yes he did try, that’s for sure.” She ushered the girls out of the kitchen. “Okay girls go and clean up that back room.”
“Oh mom.”
We have a guest and I would like to show him the house. Is that okay with you? Be right back boys.” Julie stuck her head into the room.  “This is a real surprise. I can’t remember the last time I saw you. It was before Felix and I broke up. Did you know we’ve separated?”
“Really?”  I had wanted to ask Julie what her relationship was with this guy, but I didn’t feel right about it.
“As you can see I’ve moved on,”
She was giving everybody in the Western hemisphere some, but not me. Now I was pissed, and I decided this cowboy seemed okay, I’m sure he’s doing all the stuff you normally do when you want to get laid, but what was his true purpose?
I walked into the living room and stood in front of Jayden. Jayden had taken a seat on the couch and was busy on his laptop. He smiled coyly but for the most part seemed bored.
That’s when I saw his ring. He was a BURNER.
He wore the ring of the brotherhood of the Perfunctory; Government Sanctioned Assassins. They are like the infamous cleaner, or fixer, a person who “CLEANS UP” after crimes to physically erase any trace. Only these guys used Incendiary weapons, incendiary devices or incendiary bombs designed to start fires and destroy sensitive accouterments.
All this time did Julie know she had been visited by a CIA operative. The question being was he there to kill her. How to tell her. Did the higher ups want to erase all evidence to make sure that Julie never talked about her experiences with the Count. I was now aware that the Department of Defense may had ordered her assassination to rid itself of all headaches.
But how to proceed. Somehow, I had to tell Julie about Felix. My job was made that much harder having to protect the girls. They were about to get a crash course on spying when bullets started flying.
 I smiled trying to keep things nonchalant. “So, what kind of work do you do?” It sounded like a harmless question.
“I’m in the garbage removal business.”
“I do documentary films. Mostly, Nature and Science.” I was purposely trying to sound dull and boring.
Don’t let him fool you. He’s much more than just a filmmaker.” When Julie walked back in the room to grab something I knew I had to tell her what was happening. “We were in the same hometown together.”
“We became real close after I was there for her when her beloved old dog Ren Tin-Tin was put to sleep.”
Julie stopped in her tracks. Her face went pale and her mouth fell open. She sighed and squeezed my arm. Having never owned a dog she knew I was using code and immediately knew without having to be told Felix was probably dead. I was encouraged by how quickly Julie could still shift into spy mode. Thus, far Jayden seemed unaware that anything was going on. “Well let me finish with the girls and then we can all go for a nice long walk. You interested Hon?”
 Jayden mumbled something under his breathe. When Julie got beyond his sight she signaled me to asked was Jayden involved, I nodded yes, and I could see her heart drop.


Haute-Savoie, France 15 years ago
Julie and her daughters were living in the Rhône-Alpes region in south-eastern France, so I was off to find them and get them out of harm’s way.
Julie was once an Olympic Level Downhill Racer and the high mountains would be right up her alley. Skiers and snowboarders come to the Chamonix valley year after year because of its brilliant off-piste skiing potential.
I found her in Valliere, a commune of Haute-Savoie along the Fier river. There I found her lovely chalet located just a 10 minutes’ walk up the trail in an excellent spot with great views of Mont Blanc.
Julie was shocked to see me at the front door dressed in hiking boots with a backpack and a large safari hat.
“Mac what in the world are you doing here?”
“I was crossing the English Channel and I got lost.”
“I see your bad humor hasn’t changed.”
“To tell the truth I was on my way to Chamonix for the Summer Festival and I was asked by a mutual friend to stop in by you.”
“Mutual friend?”
“Lancelot Bright.”
A frown came on her face. “Couldn’t bother to come himself.”
“Well he is a very busy man you know.”
“Don’t even start.” She swung the door open wide and gestured for me to come in. “It figures you would find me, seeing how you are legendary for locating people in hiding. Come on in.”
“What a beautiful place you have here. It’s like living in a giant postcard from the sound of music.” Just then music came from the back room. “Is that a mandolin?”
“Yes, my daughter Anetta is learning to play.” A tall athletic man entered the kitchen opening the fridge and taking out a bottle of beer. “This is Jayden Conklin a good friend of mine. Jayden this is Daniel McAllister from the States. We grew up together.”
“New Jersey,” I said as I reached out to shake his hand. He had a monster grip and looked at me piercing blue eyes.
“You’re almost out of Blond.” He said as he walked by swinging his beverage.
“Blond Ale.” Julie informed me. “Where are your manners?”
“I haven’t got any.” Jayden boasted between swigs. “Besides there one blonds left.”
“Quite all right. I’m trying to cut down.” Julie gave me a knowing look seeing that we spent many an occasion together completely sloshed. “So how old are your two daughters?”
“You haven’t seen them since they were babies. Adele is 12, she’s going to be a teen soon. Anetta is 11, going on 30. Girls,” She yelled. Adele came in book in hand, her glasses hanging from her mouth. “This is Adele.”
“How do, young lady?” I said with a smile.
“This is Daniel and old friend of mine.”
She looked me over suspiciously. “But Mother dear you have no friends.” She returned to the other room.
“Ha, hah,”
“Lovely child.”
“Anetta come in here.”
“But mom I’m practicing.”
“Anetta this is Daniel.” Julie introduced me. Anetta was tall for her age and even taller than her older sibling. She was carrying an old vintage mandolin that must have been in good condition from the way it sounded.
“Oh wow,” she said. “He’s a hunk.”
Julie rolled her eyes. “My family of comedians.”


Cairo Egypt 15 years ago
“AGAIN. Why didn’t you take the shot?” The man with the wire rimmed glasses asked me as I sat handcuffed in a chair.
“I had a free pass to the Donkey show and I was running late.” A huge bald black guy snatched me up out of my chair and slammed me to the floor.
“You’re a real comedian, aren’t you?” The man with the wire rimmed glasses instructed the brut to pick me up and put me back in the chair. “With that attitude, I can see we’ll be here awhile.”
“I told you, He was on the protected list. I had suspected De Mayhem had lost his popularity in recent years. He must have burned bridges while jumping from our side to their side and back again.”
The man in the rimmed glasses turned serious. “What happened on that roof?”
“Oh, we had an orgy. Just ask your wife.”
“Mr. Pinkston?” I was slammed to the floor again. This time he was picked up immediately and put me back in the chair.
“Friends call me Pinky.”
“I’m being beaten up by a guy named Pinky?”
“I don’t like hurting you, Mr. McAllister.” The man with the rimmed glasses said stopping further pounding.
“You’re kidding, right?”
“I can have Mr. Pinkston bash on you all night.” for once I stayed silent. “Running out of jokes, are we?”
“All I know is that the protection list had Count DeMayhem on it. That’s why I didn’t shoot.”
“somehow, you showed up on the roof of that hotel. A last-minute arrangement? By who?” He shook his head and turned to Pinkston. “Pinky, what do you think?”
“I can’t tell if he’s stupid or a really good liar. I’ll make him talk. Any problem?”
“No. He’s all yours.”
Before either man could make a move, the door opened and a man in uniform entered the room. “What in the hell’s going on?”
“Who the hell are you?”
“Colonel Lance Bright, and you are?” The Colonel looked down at my beaten face and frowned.
“Hey, what’s happening Colonel?” I smiled. “Don’t mind if I don’t get up. I’m handcuffed right now.”
“Why is this agent being interrogated?”
“Sorry Colonel but I’m just following orders.”
“We’ve had DeMayhem under surveillance. The only way Kabala would agree to cooperate with us was if we got rid of Felix. Apparently, somebody jumped the gun and didn’t go through proper channels before ordering the hit, that’s what happened.”
 “Well, that’s interesting.” I said angrily, “You set me up?”
“Get those cuffs off him,”
“You mind?” I said politely.
“I wanted someone from outside and that’s when you showed up. So, I used you. It just so happens I knew your routine and your clearance to check the list.”
“What if I didn’t?
“I was hoping you would.” Lance said pulling out an envelope. “You’re the only one who checks the damn list.” He handed me the envelope. “We wanted Kabala more then we needed Felix.” “That’s why he’s dead.”
“What? Don’t tell me, Kabala?”
“You only stayed his execution.”
I opened the envelop and it was an airplane ticket. “So, what do you want me to do with this?”
“I need you to Go to France? I’m convinced Julie’s next.” Lance took out his weapon. “Here, you’re going to need this.”
“Aren’t Julie and the girls under witness protection.”
“Felix was protecting them without us. He was black mailing someone at the NSA.”
“I’ll need my Passport and a trace on their new alias.”
“All done.”
“Well, Is this official business?”
“Just find them. We’re pretty much done here. Anything else?”
 “As much as you know I love getting the living shit kicked out of me, you know you could have gotten here sooner.”


When Anetta wakes up the next morning, “what,” she started to say, sleepily confused, but stopped when she heard a clanking sound coming in the room. Blinking her eyes open just a bit, but keeping them mostly closed due to the glare of the sun, she peeked out at the blurry image before her of me holding a mug of coffee. starting to become aware of her surroundings she realized she was in my bedroom, lying in my bed, with light pouring in from the wall port hole opening out to the deck overlooking the harbor.
 I quickly realized she wasn’t wearing anything more than the sheet, which was pushed down to her waist. I turned away Squinting against the bright sun light, I could just make out the image of Julie standing next to the bed waging her finger at me, and all the memories of what had happened yesterday came crashing through my mind: I was almost dizzy at the rush of memories, and squeezed my eyes shut tightly. “Morning, your highness,”
Anetta opened her eyes to just slits again, and tried to look at me through all that bright sun. “M-morning, Daniel,” she whispered, my voice hoarse. “I have a terrible hangover,” and immediately puked all over me.
Whatever romantic ideas she had for me came up with it. But after sobering up she let me know that she would always be in love with me.
I dropped her off at the hotel where Carlos stood waiting anxiously. When he saw Anetta’s embarrassed face he relaxed. I guess he knew nothing happened having seen she would not even make eye contact. He turned to me with a wry smile, “Thank you for taking care of her. I forget that she can be very childish Sometimes, especially when it comes to boys.”
“You know nothing happened, right.”
“I said she was childish around boys. You sir are a man.”
When I got back to the boat I started to straighten up. It didn’t take rocket science to figure out things were developing in a rather strange way. Too many coincidences and I didn’t even believe in happenchance. Besides my considerable training in espionage was telling me something was aloft. Tom Hughes found dead with a Russian Hooker, Anetta showing up at the Restaurant and the pièce de résistance; Cocker in Nova Scotia.
My penchant for keeping all my old files, illegally, was handy as I broke out the Laptop and started reviewing my reports and it didn’t take long for me to get back to my involvement in the incident in Cairo; Felix DeMayhem’s assassination.


Upon arriving in the boat at Wells Harbor, the weather had completely changed. It got so bad they had to rescheduled her local interview the next morning. Carlos informed her the airline put the crew up in a hotel room, and they’d be staying overnight. He asked to speak to me. “I just want to thank you. I’d be so nervous if she were out in that storm alone. But with you there to take care of her, I know she’ll be in good hands.”
“You don’t have to thank me, it will be my pleasure.”
She noticed I had only one bed. He told her to take it, that I’d take some blankets and sleep on the floor in a make-shift bed in my storage cubicle.
“Don’t be silly we can share the bed.”
I hesitated, “I don’t think your parents would like that.”
She smiled and giggled at me, “Then we won’t tell them.”
Oh, man
How was I going to get through this night? It was only around 10 at night when we finished eating, so we hung out chatting and drinking, lots of drinking. Whenever she giggled and laughed, if she was trying to entice me into making a move, so far it wasn’t working. So far.
“Finally, it’s time for bed.” I kept my clothes on while I fixed a bed on the floor. “Don’t be silly. This bed is big enough for both of us, and you don’t have to sleep with your clothes on. I won’t tell my parents I promise”, she smiled at me.
The drinks were having their way with my head. she was downright dangerous, and I knew I had to put those thoughts out of my head. She raised up on one elbow to turn on the TV with the remote that was on the table on the side of the bed. She flipped through the channels, but nothing was on worth seeing so she shut the TV.
She was still facing me, her head on the pillow, eyes closed, relaxed, and dozed off. During the night, I awoke to find her snuggled up against me on the floor, in a spooning position and my hand was cupping her chest. HOW DID THEY GET THERE? Her back was against my chest, her nightshirt raised up above her waist. not feeling right about holding her like that I moved my hand away and shifted position and rolled over the other way in an attempt to get up.
My movement must have awaked her, and she spoke, “Please don’t go.” She turned to face me, “Snuggle” she pressed her warm body against me and putting her arm around the back of my neck and one leg over mines and pressed her body against me.
“You shouldn’t be doing that” I said to her trying to sound like an adult.
“Why not?” She kissed my chest, moving up to kiss my neck.
“It’s not right, I’m old enough to be your father.”
She giggled, smiling at me as she asked, “Don’t you like me?” SHE WAS SO DAMNED CUTE! AND HOT! “I said Don’t you like me?” she asked again puzzled.
“Of course, I like you, and that’s exactly why I don’t feel right about it.”
“My boyfriend can’t keep his hands off me,”
“What? No. He’s a different species.”
I was still hesitant.
She moaned softly, her mouth so near my ear I could feel her warm breath, “Daniel please kiss me.” she pleaded.
Against my better judgement, I gave in to the urge, what was the harm in that? Just some innocent kissing. I whispered to her. “Just a kiss.”
She raised her head up and kissed my lips and then looked me in the eyes. “Nice.”
“I don’t even know you.” I said out of frustration.
“Yes, you do. You’ve known me my whole life. The last time we kissed is still a very pleasant memory.”
“When, have we met before?”
“Don’t you remember? You like my mother,” and then she admitted who she was. “I’m Julie Summers daughter.
I was amazed by the height and distance I could get jumping off the floor.
I’d spend the rest of the time trying to fight her off. Luckily, she ended up drinking too much and passing out.


Moody Beach’s beautiful rocky shores made for a perfect evening to have a photo shoot for one of the hottest models I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.
The skies began to blend into the beautiful shades of sunset colors, and they melted into the brilliant blue water. The waves rolled over the edge of the beach making rhythmic percussion sounds. I was lost in the sights and the sounds that surrounded me A model she was; her flowing black hair extends to the middle of her back and her skin sort of resembles a nude work of natural art; her body’s gorgeousness was accentuated with a smile created by full lips adorned with ruby red grape fruit colored lipstick.
The photographer made a great job on her visage and velvety skin with a very good rendition of expression and tones. her standing totally naked in a pose. fit, beautiful, and sexy to die for as modeled for the photographer.
The camera shutter clicked with each shot, capturing her present beauty to be shared with the world. He took a few action shots of her, making sure to photograph her hair blowing in the wind, the mist of the beach kissing her skin, and the water splashing around her as she ran through it laughing.
Now she’s lying on the shore, body glistening under the dusky sky due to the water that had washed upon it. He snapped several photos of her relaxing on her side as she props herself up and looks off to the distance. He has her sit back, hands behind her back holding herself up again while facing the sea.
She strikes the pose perfectly and made eye contact with me a seductive look in her eyes as her legs and feet rub against each other. I can’t help but feel awkward as I watch the water wash over her beautiful French-tipped pedicured toes; capturing her long and slender legs as she stares me down.
“That’s a wrap,” said Steve calmly putting his equipment down. “That was an amazing scene” he said “are you sure you haven’t done this type of thing before?”
She laughed Carlos handed her a towel. She wrapped it around her and wrapped one around her head.
“Have you found what you’ve been looking for dear?” Carlos asked her.
“You’re not jealous are you.” She said surprised.
“And what if I am, would you care? Would it matter?”
“Of cause my love. What are you trying to tell me?”
“You look so happy, and I’ve tried so hard to make you happy. He’s done it without even trying.”
“Oh Carlos, you have no idea what he has done for me and my family. It goes way back. I owe him more than you could ever imagine. Please don’t be mad at me. I promise I’ll tell you all about it. Do you believe me? Do you trust me?” Carlos looked on totally render speechless. She kissed him on the cheek. “And now I’m going to spend some one-on-one time with Daniel,” she was so excited! She changed into a pair of jeans and fitted cotton shirt. “Now you’re in trouble Mister.”
She smiled as she stares at me and suggested we get takeout food and eat on my yacht since she was departing the next day and she wanted to see it. The yacht that is. 




I made my way over the famous Footbridge to Moody Beach when I saw Anetta on the beach strolling toward me. I was struck, once again, by how gorgeous she was. She made her way to greet me. As we walk I find myself glancing at her and admiring the two-piece firefly yellow bikini that was fortunate enough to cover her body. Anetta had her navel, tongue and nose pierced, she also had a tattoo on her lower right back.

            “I don’t think I’d ever seen anything so beautiful.” She said about our surrounding.

            “I was thinking the same thing.” Not my best line mind you but I had to say something.

Anetta led me to a chair and sat down next to me. I was rehearsing all the thoughts and ideas that had drifted through my brain so far when I saw something in her eyes that drew me deeper. They sparkled when she talked. But, there was also a stressed-out look in them. I heard someone from behind me calling her name. “Well, Anetta you finally showed,” Carlos said, walking over to us.

            “Oh, knock it off Carlos. I needed time to think. This is the first time I’ve seen any sights since I got here. I believe if I can honestly connect with people, that’s where I’m going to find out who I really am.”

           Carlos seemed to be genuinely concerned.  And then, A guy with camera equipment yelled. “This is it,” he pointed as the moon lit the crest of the waves, “This is the shot we’ve been waiting for. Please get ready gorgeous.”

            “Anetta strip off before we start on your make-up.” Carlos suggested. I was a little surprised at that request, “Oh the shoot was in the nude. “

“I should leave?” I was embarrassed,

            “No please, stay, I want you to see me at work.” Anetta said her smiling at me made it clear she planned it this way.

            Carlos explained that she would need a base foundation all over before she got photographed. Anetta started to strip out of her clothes, both Carlos and the camera person didn’t take much notice and they merely continued getting everything ready. Once she was nude, Anetta sat in the chair while Carlos got started on the foundation.

           Carlos suggested it would be easier to do the rest if Anetta stood up. She just stood there with her legs apart as he knelt in front of her working up her legs with the foundation cream.  Then he was working down her back and sides.

Lightly tanned, with pale patches showing her bikini lines. With her blue eyes, the naked girl looking back at me seems naïve yet a tad precocious, she stretched and gave me a spectacular view of a lovely female body. It was as if she wanted me to notice her body’s reaction when certain part got hard from the nippy and breezy November weather.