“What a great trip.” I said as Kay rolled her eyes, “WAKE UP IN THE MORNING, GET ON THE FERRY, the man on the radio said. AND BACK TO MAINE IN THE EVENING. IT’S HIGH-SPEED AND GREAT FUN FOR CUSTOMERS OF ALL AGES. THE CAT IS BACK.  The boat was really cool; we even saw some Humpback Whales. What a great trip.”
“Well it would have been great if they had overnight instead of on a daylight schedule.” Kay remarked.
I Decided to take US 1 from Bar Harbor back down to Wells. Driving US Coastal 1 is at a slower pace than the interstate and I was in no hurry it was a beautiful fall day and we could stop at lots of small towns and the closer one gets to them you start to get some nice views. And we were in my newly restored 1967 Morgan Plus 4 2dr Drop Head Coupe Roadster. JOHN STEED EAT YOUR HEART OUT
We drove through Ellsworth to Fort Knox where the Penobscot Narrows Bridge which is a 2,120 feet long cable-stayed bridge that carries US 1 over the Penobscot River.
“That was the real reason you wanted to go this way,” Kay said pointing to the bridge, “Admit it.”
“But it’s a beautiful bridge.”
“We saw this beautiful bridge on the way to Acadia. You insisted we take an elevator to the observation deck at the top for fantastic foliage views. But It’s completely glass encased at the top so all we could see was sun glare.”
“What are you getting at exactly? I found the bridge amazing and decided to check it out on the way back. What’s the problem?”
“I’m your hostage.”
“Don’t worry we’re just passing by, we’re not stopping.”
When I recommended, we take this route back from Bar Harbor Kay was absolutely against the idea. “You can only go 35mph and It’s a pedestrian-friendly state and you must stop if anyone sticks their toe in the street, which can add a little stress to a driver who is trying to see sights, drive, and not kill someone.”
Okay I get it, she was born in Maine. That’s like me going over the George Washington Bridge back home. The thrill is gone. “You win next time we go 95. I’m sure I’ll have Route 1 out of my system by then.”
“Next time, will we have just one-bedroom next time?”
“I thought you liked your privacy.”
“Daniel what is going on between us?”
“What are you asking?”
“Don’t you want us to be a real couple?”
“Woo, what brought this on?”
“The way you gushed over your friend’s family photos. You looked so envious. Is that what you really want?”
I didn’t answer because I didn’t know what to say.
“Now he shuts up.”


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