“I have the mark in my sight.” How could I miss her in red. I wanted to joke that the target will see the girl and start to run, but I thought better of it.
A crowd piled out the entrance of the restaurant and I grimaced, too much collateral was going to make a hard target.
“What are you waiting for?” Cocker barked.
“The mark hasn’t verified the target yet. Don’t rush me.” At that moment, the red dressed lady approach one of the men.
“Take the shot.” Cocker was edgy.
“Too much collateral. I still don’t have a clear shot.”
Cocker pulled out his 9mm and pointed it against my temple. “Take the shot.”
“Are you going to kill me?”
Cocker drew back the hammer and placed his finger on the trigger. “I said take the goddam shot.”
“Keep your pants on Sargent.” I said calmly without looking back at him even though I probably just made him madder. “I’m not a butcher. I’m waiting for a clear shot.”
The target suddenly moved forward into the clear. For a spilt second, he looked up in our direction as if he knew we were there. I got a good look at him.
“You’re not going to like this, but It’s a no go, I recognize the target.”
“I don’t give a damn. Take the shot.”
“And he’s under protection, He’s one of ours.” Suddenly Cocker’s hand was shaking. “Look, I’m a field agent. That could be me down there. Or you. I sure wouldn’t want some dickhead shooting me while I was undercover.”
Just then I heard the unmistakable sound of a toggle lock of a Luger pistol. Marley had put his gun against the back of Cockers’ head. “Stand down Sargent.” At first Cocker, didn’t budge. “For God Sake Cocker, don’t make me kill you.”
Cocker leered at Marley, “So, that’s the way it is huh?” He Took his weapon from my head, “Fair enough.” He calmly walked toward the entryway on the roof without a word.
I slid down and sat on the pavement. “Thank you, old friend.  “Still carrying that old luger?” I asked.
Marley looked at me, “Hopefully you’d done the same for me, who was the target?”
I got up from my bunk and made a trip to the frig for a beer. I sat on the deck of the ferry boat looking out at the Bay of Fundy as the boats rocked back and forth in the ocean current. SO PEACEFUL. This was what I really wanted, or that’s what I kept telling myself.
So why care about what happened to Tommy? Truth be told he wasn’t a nice guy. He’d use anyone if it suited him. HECK, he was a living ASSHOLE. No, it wasn’t him it was Cocker. I’m sure I don’t have ESP, but I just know his showing up at the same time as Tommy’s murder was a bad omen of things to come.
Maybe it’s coincidence but my gut tells me it has something to do with DeMayhem. He was gunned down in Cairo by members of the other side less than a week after the sanction, so I only postponed his demise. And come to think of it Tom Hughes was the courier I replaced that day. A chance occurrence, I don’t buy it. Every bone in my body told me so. What really happened 15 years ago? I downed my brew and finally got some sleep.

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