DANIEL MCALLISTER, “MAC” as everyone calls him, is a retired WSA (World Security Agency) secret agent who has relocated to Maine to get away from his old life. He has opened THE BLACK LOBSTER RESTAURANT in the shore town of Moody Beach. Much to his surprised the restaurant has become a big hit with the locals and the Black Lobster has turned into a household name.

For Mac, though, he now leads a mundane existence as no one in his restaurant family knows of his past. This is just what the doctor ordered; literally, since he is middle aged and is known to drink too much. The problem is he misses all the danger and excitement of his old days.

His dreary life gets turned on its head when a chance encounter with a person from his past triggers a chain of events that will lead him into a labyrinth of peril, intrigue and a bevy of romance and long lost loves as a cast of characters from all over the globe crisscross his orbit.  

First, he wonders what his old nemesis mercenary SGT. COCKER is doing the pilot of a Harrier Jet at the Air Show he is attending in Nova Scotia. Is it just a coincidence? Or does it have something to do with an assignment 15 years earlier Cocker oversaw when Mac refused to carry out orders to kill a double agent.

Then a beautiful model named ANETTA walks into the restaurant and requests to see him and she makes no attempt to conceal her intention to seduce him. It turns out that she is the grown daughter of JULIE SUMMERS an old heartbreak from his past also involved in that erroneous assignment 15 years earlier.

Is it just a coincidence?

From that moment on Mac finds himself up to his neck in chaos and treachery involving not only Julie, Anetta and other players from his past but throw in, a powerful Middle East sheik, his beautiful daughter, a rogue KGB Cornel, a high-priced call girl with an unusual tattoo, the Russian Mafia, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

His travels take him from a reunion along the Marginal Way in Ogunquit to a ski-chase down the slopes of Sugarloaf, an assassination plot atop the Bass Harbor Lighthouse to Bar Harbor on Jordan Pond and Caribou where a secret is hidden beneath an old Air force Base.

When an old enemy resurfaces with a clandestine plot to take over the world, Mac knows it’s no coincidence. He must face the fact his past is colliding with his present and the people he has grown to care about are now in the line of fire.

So much for being bored.



The Black Lobster

Been busy trying to get BL manuscript up to par to have it published. Lot of hard work and more than I ever imagined it would be. SO you want to be a writer? Well here I am writing, and writing and writing. Anyway the thing is starting to come together and hopefully it will be ready soon to give to my Agent.

In the meantime here is the updated Blog Your Novel version with changes made. Take a look see.

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